Thursday, 28 February 2013

Australia is 'all shook up' but we'll keep moving forward.

While I text to my brother who works in Port Hedland and hear about what it feels like to have a cyclone heading your way and then read about the floods, fires and heat waves all over the sounds like Australia is 'all shook up.' But this is nothing new for us Aussies and one thing is for sure, we band together and recover, then we keep on going.

To 'keep moving forward' takes a special kind of attitude but you wouldn't last very long in the country if you didn't have this intention. The last day of summer was soaking wet on the farm yesterday. Three inches fell heavily and as I drove to town determined to get to a yoga class, I wondered if it was going to be one of those days when Id pick up the girls from school and have to research if any roads would be open so we could get home.

There is no hiding from the weather out here and you experience each season at its best and often at its worst. You have to be able to take the good with the bad out here and thats because when it is good (when that sun goes down behind the windmill, when my friends call in for a glass of wine and we have a laugh on the front verandah, when the crop pops its head out of the ground, when the farm fills with little lambs or children riding horses after school)...its delightful.
Today as I write, there is a wind outside that has a deep howl to it. Gusts pull at long branches and tug at them until they swing high and then low. I cant imagine what Port Hedland looked like during the storm nor can I imagine how devastating it must be when your home and business fills with water. (Both situations where happening each end of Australia at the same time) My heart goes out to those who are not just getting up today to their normal routine and getting on with their normal aspirations. When life throws a challenge at you (and this can happen in the city or in the country) we can either stay down and complain, or dust off (or in some cases dry off) and make a plan that will keep us moving forward.

For us the rain allows the farmers to start preparing for sowing in the nice muddy soil. I look forward to posting photos of the crops growing (maybe every couple of months so we really see their progression.) When that strong cold wind settles down I might venture out into the garden and think about how to tidy it up over Autumn. But lets not get too ahead of ourselves, I will enjoy every moment of warm weather while it lasts..I do love Summer!

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