Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Lift the curtain and see everything in a whole new way!

Today Howard has headed off in the truck to pick up some lime (This is spread across a paddock that is being prepared for sowing, when the soil is too acidic) I have promised to turn up and help on the farm more often but for now I am off to enjoy another Yoga module - this time in Albury for 4 days. I believe in the value of what I am learning more than ever, and know in my heart that all this time I have invested in studying yoga and meditation is worth it.

Late yesterday afternoon I spread my yoga mat out on the back lawn and faced the sunset. I could see tiny insects swirling in the soft yellow light and life looked pretty good from under the lemon scented gums. One of girls were playing in the back yard and I could hear her singing, another was on the tractor with Howard. I called them around 7pm to encourage the work day to come to an end so we could all have dinner together. It was one of those evenings that stretched out slowly at a different pace to the full days.

A home yoga and meditation practice creates an opportunity to lift the curtain and look at things in a whole new way, noticing what really matters. I wrote in my journal early this morning, 'It is in the breath, when we are really awake - moving, eating, holding our posture with confident intention, hearing, tasting, touching and noticing all the detail.'

Aside from my home practice I have started teaching children and adults how to relax deeply and set clear intentions for living mindfully. Next week I will put together a summary blog of my top 10 tips ...for now my first yoga and meditation tip is .....

1/ Notice the breath...A calm, smooth, effortless breath encourages the mind to be clear and the emotions to be stable. Just observe the flow in and the flow out.....relax on the exhalation...breathe in what you need on the in inbreath. Don't change it too much...take it easy...just be in the moment and settle...for a moment with your posture quite upright...enjoy..


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