Wednesday, 3 April 2013

*Fitness is officially on the *farm agenda..

Howard and I are finally practicing yoga together at 6am each morning and I am thrilled. I wrote a 6 week program for myself, designed to fire up some great energy in preparation for the cooler months. I want to enjoy winter this year and have decided to get fit rather than slow down too much. I want to be ready for a fabulous summer. Howard has asked if he can join me and so have some friends, so fitness is officially on the farm agenda!

 By starting the day with yoga we are able to stretch and wake up the spine and notice tight muscles. We can also place our thoughts in the most inspiring places and shift any unhelpful beliefs. We practice a Dru energy block release sequence, followed by some preps and then triangles, the sun sequence and some pranayama techniques.

By getting active we build up energy in the body, at the same time we can also sharpen our mental focus by bringing our awareness to one area such as the core, the breath or the detail of the day. I recommend that once this energy is built up and focus is achieved that you try to sit and hold this for a few moments. Be still...breathe...Purpose is born from this place.......

When it starts to get cold we seem to want to eat heavier meals and slow down a little. This is not ideal if we want to lose a bit of weight and get fit. When the winter clothes come off and we first try those swimmers on it can be a bit of a shock! I like the idea of finding a way to heat my body up and actually treat winter like an opportunity to nourish myself physically and emotionally with warm healthy choices. 
As with most careers, in farming there are testing times. Yesterday the tractor had two flat tyres and the work that was planned for the day didn't happen. While Howard was dealing with that, I was driving a 300 km round trip to be able to attend a meeting in Cowra after parent teacher interviews in Young. Starting the day with my husband doing yoga (and some buddies joining us sometimes) just puts you in a great frame of mind. It helps with life's challenges and it is really helping me have a better attitude to Winter than I normally have. Bring it on!!    

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