Monday, 15 July 2013

Finding Inspiration

Well the school holidays are over and the routine can return, for the children at least. We have loved the holidays with polocrosse at centre stage. We arrived in Sydney yesterday with a very muddy car, ready for the
boarding school parent teacher interviews. Our second daughter is currently choosing HSC subjects so it is a time of excitement and decision-making.  

I look out at the Sydney Harbour and it looks still and quiet this morning. The city is wet from the overnight rain. I can see people walking to the train station from the window of my room. They carry their coffees and step out at a fast pace, with scarves around their necks and warm jackets on. It must be pretty cold out there today.

It is wet at home too and Howard sounds pleased on the phone. He managed well to get the girls on the bus for their first day of the school term, the only drama being a missing pair of school shoes . They turned up 5 minutes before they had to leave.Howard

Some of the paddocks on the farm are filling with new little lambs. We went out last week and fed the ewes, as their bleating babies scurried along behind them. I enjoyed taking photos of the twins and triplets with the crops coming up from the muddy soil in the background. The season has certainly been kind to us so far. 

There is a sense of inspiration and happiness in the country at the moment and I feel truly grateful for the beautiful rainfall, it makes all the difference. It’s a wonderful thing to feel inspired. The sailing boats on the harbor inspire me. The business owner who woke at 5am to set up his fruit stall inspires me. The waitress who smiles as she places the coffee on the breakfast table inspires me. And the friend who I met last night after the school meetings who suggested we go for a walk last night before our dinner inspires me.

When we feel inspired we feel happier, more motivated, more focused on what we can do to improve our days. As my friend and I walked along the most well lit streets we discussed how invigorating it felt to be in the ocean mist as it drifted across Bondi. Eventually we found a lovely restaurant and enjoyed a wonderful meal together, catching up on how our children are going and talking about all sorts of things. It was lots of fun.

Well its time to check out and head home…back on the highway again.

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