Thursday, 31 October 2013

10000 views! I start out thinking writing a blog would be fun and end up improving my sense of #belonging here.

I am late posting this blog as I have procrastinated over what to write this week. It is an important blog because we have reached 10000 views!!!

 I just want to say thankyou for visiting the farm via this blog. I really enjoy taking photos for you and asking Howard about the farm. There is a lot more involved in running the farm than I probably realised. Over the years most of my attention has been on raising the girls and working on my own career. Getting more involved in the farm this year has been great. I am learning so much, like an apprentice. My contribution to our farming business is more valuable now. I can see where we need to focus and how I can help. 

We are setting farming goals together for the first time in 20 years. It feels like I listened and helped, listened and helped, until the helping started to make a considerable difference to the pressure Howard was feeling. He is no longer trying to manage it all on his own.

These days we meet regularly and make a plan for the week ahead. When I started the blog in January I thought it would be something quite fun to do. Now I realize that it really helped me find a sense of belonging both on the farm and in the business.

Howard is the stereotypical farmer but I am not. The recent changes in my routine recently, were a bit unsettling. Suddenly I only had one child at home, the yoga teacher training course complete and my first thought was, its time to start a business! No one is more surprised than me to find that the best place for me to put my energy is into the farm. I can write and take photos in between jobs. I can run up to Sydney and see the girls and plan lots of fun with my friends. But my best career option could be right under my nose. I will give it a try anyway! 

And as for the yoga teacher rising in me?? That is where the blog to book idea comes in..

Stay tuned as I turn up the dial on helping to manage the farm business, while at the same time continuing to improve my yoga and meditation practice…

This week the photos on the farm include-
*Completing the hay making
*Windrowing the canola
*Crutching the sheep
*Drenching the sheep

Howards Dad has just returned from a cruise to Fiji. We were glad to see him arrive home and he helps us check the frost damage. I have a photo of Howards Dad and his nephew Zach working on the farm with us. I look forward to the girls (our daughters) being involved in the business one day too, if they like. This farm is a lovely stable ground from which we can stand and reach for the stars.


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