Thursday, 20 February 2014

Becoming a true yogi and a farmer! Who would have thought??? #yoga #farmer

It is Thursday morning and the most stunning day.  A cool breeze wraps around the sunny corners, the first sign of a season ready to change. I gather with the other women at the local ‘Cinnamons Dam’ in Young. It is a lovely park filled with birds, deep green grass, sparkling water and pretty gardens. We lay out the yoga mats and cushions as Danette greets us with a big smile.

Danette is one of our local yoga teachers and has studied Dru yoga. Her classes are cheerful and yet challenging at times as we work on our core  muscles and practice the Vitality Sequence under the tall gum trees. The scene is magic and with the sun on our backs there can be no start to the day more delicious.

Over lunch I ask Danette about her personal practice and our conversation is just what I expect, very inspiring! Danette is motivated by the ‘facts’ and keeps very up to date with the latest research on the benefits of individual yoga postures and regular meditation practice. The studies show clearly why we should be making healthy choices and these medical findings are often brought up during her classes.

Once excited about the list of benefits a posture promises, Danette begins practicing them for herself. ‘I think, oh yes, I want that too!’ she explains. ‘And after a while you feel the proof for yourself or the family give you feedback because they are noticing the changes.’ 

In the beginning changing any habit or introducing a new healthy choice to our routine is a bit of a push. I love that Danette has found a way to fuel her motivation. My new habit is to wake at 5am and practice yoga for an hour. I am very pleased to say that it has been about 4 weeks now and the routine is a little easier than in the beginning.

It is true what Danette is saying, after a while you feel the benefits for yourself and that is what makes it easier to keep up the new habit.  It feels so good to start the day with clear, positive thoughts, an active physical practice, candlelight on sunrise and some great music. At first it was a funny struggle between my lazy thoughts and my inner yogi! ‘Come on get up….’  “No, stay in bed a while longer.’ “Come on get up…” “No” “Yes!”
I ask Danette, “So do you feel like a yogi” and she answers with a clear, “Yes. I hadn’t really thought about it until now but yes.”  So then I ask “Do you think it is easier once you see yourself with this clear identity?” We discuss that it must be important to feel that what we are striving for, is possible.

A light bulb moment is happening for me and I make the comment, “I don’t feel like a yogi yet.” Danette doesn’t drink coffee, eats in a healthy and disciplined way, exercises daily, is very fit and behaves with great awareness. She aims to choose words, thoughts and actions that enhance her sense of feeling good while being kind and loving. She has clear goals that make a positive difference such as her work in local schools, at the Yoga Tree Studio and in her home life.  

On the Dru International website you will find Danette speaking about her first Dru yoga class and how she felt like a golden glow surrounded her the whole day following that class. Danette describes this glow as ‘feeling so good,’ And still today, in the centre of her passion for life is this feeling. ‘I try to create a good feeling in my class. I love teaching and I hope my students feel good too.’ Danette explains. 

Can a life be lived following what ‘feels good?’ Danette is proof that it certainly can. When so often drama, busyness, guilt, fear or just the day to day routine and collection of old habits becomes the familiar centre of our lifestyle it is refreshing to see how different a life can be led. It may help to research everything about who you want to be and how you want to live your life. Start implementing those lifestyle choices and experience the benefits for yourself. And one day, you may not even realise it has happened, you are the person you wanted to become, living a full and empowered lifestyle. 

‘I am on the path to becoming a true yogi’ I realise! I feel inspired to keep practicing and to always remember to follow my bliss.   

(Incase you want to know the Dru International Website is
and the Yoga Studio Danette established is

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