Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Time for a detox and I have found the best program ever! #detox

It is the most delicious day with the vast blue sky above, the gorgeous 23 degree sunshine, a green lawn freshly mowed and a fresh breeze swirling with a hint of autumn. On the farm we are almost ready for shearing and sowing has started. We are selling some extra wheat held from last harvest and a load of hay went this morning too. Howard is busy but organized and calls me to order some fuel and prepare a couple of invoices. I take the call from my yoga mat that is set up in the sunshine. My books will have to wait.   

I am in the middle of a detox nutrition program called Aussie Body. This is not the awful detox I remember, that Howard and I did years ago. It has been so wonderful this week as I power through more fruit and vegetables than I have had over the last month. Its funny when you think you are feeling pretty healthy and you do something like this and take your energy to another level, it’s motivating.

We met Saimaa Miller at her book launch on the last night we had in Bondi before heading back to the farm. Saimaa is a picture of health with a big wide smile and a passion for nutrition that is infectious. We stop at Bowral and then our local fruit barn to stock up, in preparation for hearty soups, green juices and  nutritious lunches that have us preparing in the kitchen together while drinking lots of water. The girls join me in a casual kind of way but I want to stick to the program.

It is not to big a shock to the system. I have taken a break over the last couple of months from coffee, alcohol, sugar and bread anyway. Handling the hunger is the most challenging part as I try to stretch out from one meal to the next without snacking and I realise what a hold this habit has on me. I go for a big walk to hang out until lunch. I feel grateful for my privileged life where going hungry for a little while is a choice. My digestive system thanks me for the good choices I am making and I feel energized.  

If you would like to learn more you can contact Saimaa’s detox spa in Bondi at info@thelastresort.com.au or have a look at the website www.aussiebodydiet.com . I am not a qualified naturopath like Saimaa so the information above is my own interpretation and experience of the detox program. Before starting any detox please check with your doctor or a qualified nutritionist. There are some wonderful experts out there who can support us in taking a hold of our eating habits so that most of the time, what we consume is enhancing the health and well being of the body. It is worth looking after hey!

What I love about the Aussie Body book is the extra information on alkalizing the body, Saimaa’s chapter on positivity, the great photographs and easy guidelines. This will not be a one week change for me, I can sense an urge to want to exercise more and settle into the post detox, nutritive phase for a lifetime.

When our 4 girls where really little and I wasn’t getting any sleep I realised that eating well impacted on my energy levels. As I improved my self care, my ability to parent well also improved. That’s when I started telling other women to ‘look after yourself.’ No one really notices if you miss your breakfast or don’t drink any water. You have to do what I right for you or you will run on empty for years and years and that is not a great investment in your future health. Look after you!

*I have a photo of the night with Saimaa Miller and myself in Bondi above and some funny shots of yoga in the sheep yards below. Howard still has a lot to learn ha..ha.. as do I.

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