Sunday, 31 August 2014

Look around and enjoy todays unique detail - Its Spring!!

It is the first day of the best season of all, Spring. The fog lifts to show off a sunny 20 degree day full of blossoms, sprouting grape vines, flowering bulbs and lush green grass.  Our region doesn’t always look so ‘green’ but when we are blessed with good rain, spring looks alive and fresh, full of hope and optimism. 

We check the crops and the mustard plants are starting to flower. We don’t have any canola in this year but the neighboring paddocks are a wonderful carpet of yellow. We have wheat, oats, mustard and barley planted and everything looks good so far.

The little lambs are getting stronger and are starting a play together along the dam banks. I check them on the bike again and really enjoy scooting along the dirt lanes and into the grazing paddocks. I have had a really productive fortnight jumping in and helping when needed and getting the bookwork up to date.

Howard is preparing for harvest and hay cutting, as we start to look for extra staff (enquiries please email I have the job of looking for extra agistment for the sheep, I call on Dad to see if he knows of anyone with extra feed on their property.

As I head to Sydney to have a week with the girls, Howard follows me to Bowral and we have a fabulous night at The Briars. Picture.... wood fires, red wine, hot food and a crowd of people laughing and deep in conversations about nothing particularly serious.  We had a really fun night together and parted ways after The Briars buffet breakfast and a read over the Sunday newspapers.

This morning on the phone Howard and I worked out what we need to do this week. I will write out invoices, do the banking, advertise for staff, decide on our new logo and complete the filing etc. (Yes, it all comes with me in the car.) Howard is at home completing the stables, spraying the crops, milling the corn and sending more loads of hay out.

My day started with a big walk in the city, covered in a cool fog. Steph and I walked for an hour and a half around Centennial Park and down to Woollahra for coffee.  By the time we arrived back in Bondi Junction it was warm and sunny. The buses were starting to fill and the cars were building up as the workday began. The Sydney harbour is sparking today as the traffic hums along. The warmer months are arriving and everything is coming to life again, both here and at home. 

*Please use the email address above to drop me a line and let me know what you are enjoying about my blog. I am happy to share more yoga and lifestyle tips if you like or post more farm photos. Let me know. Have a fabulous week and don't forget to look up and see what is fabulous about today! 

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