Monday, 18 August 2014

The Beautiful Things in Life - my garden after rain. #weareawake #thebeautifulthingsinlife

To celebrate my blog reaching over 20000 views I wanted to share something I wrote back in March. Enjoy…

We are awake.

No room for negativity
It never helps
No room for criticism
It doesn’t encourage.
No room for complaining
It keeps you stuck.
No room for worry
It designs a hopeless future.

Gently thank the concerns
They are only trying to protect you
Turn them away
They are not needed anymore.
It is time to live for today.

Now there is space for light
And love and beauty and vision,
For goals and trying and effort and hope.
A place where failure is just an opportunity for growth,
A place where each new day
Is a beautiful opportunity to realise

We are awake
We are alive
We are wise
We are not alone
We are capable of great things
We have arrived.

Narelle Hunter 2/3/14

Thankyou for all those out there who follow my blog - it gives me a great thrill to feel connected with you.
#awake #alive #wise #not alone #capableofgreatthings #enjoythebeauty #lovetoday  

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