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Details of my My New Blissfully Present Meditation Coaching Service

            The Blissfully Present Event Calendar 
Thanks for following my mindful farming blog. 

Are you ready to learn yoga, meditation and mindful living? I have some new workshops now available in Sydney and Young NSW. 

We can also now chat via Skype.
Check out coming soon and

Are you ready to launch into a new way of living? Are you curious about mindfulness but feel so busy all the time that you know you are missing many wonderful details in your life?

 Would you like to be fitter, stronger and more flexible? 

Do you have a dream that needs a bit if a dust off?

Well you have arrived at the right place. At Blissfully Present we offer a variety of workshops so you can learn how to meditate, live in the present moment more often and awaken your healthiest body and mind. 

The great news is that you don’t need to find more time to do these things. The techniques you will learn at the workshops can be layered over the top of what you already have to do, making everything seem more manageable and more enjoyable. 

The workshops are designed to inspire you, ignite your passion, energize your body and settle your thoughts and emotions, so the best direction forward can be very clear for you. 

From the very first event you will have tools to use in the workplace and at home to re-charge your batteries, boost your self-esteem and inspire a sense of self-empowerment. 

Book your own private group (Minimum 10 participants)or look out for the inspiring up and coming city and country events!

DO REMEMBER TO BOOK YOUR SPOT IN A WORKSHOP by emailing me at or send me a question..

How to establish a home yoga, mindfulness and meditation practice.(pink type

This Wellness Workshop includes a variety of Yoga, Mindfulness and Meditation techniques that can be used at home if you are ready to introduce more calm and stillness into your life. 

You will discover that the steady calm within you is actually very strong and centring. You will release tension and fears and the thoughts not serving you. This allows space for mindful clear awareness.

This is a fabulous workshop if you would like a better understanding of the direct body, mind connection and how mindful yoga and meditation can change your life!

You Will Awaken To:

The Power of Your Calming Breath
An effortless core strengthening practice.
The incredible benefits of being in the NOW.

Quandialla Public School
June 23rd July 6-8pm

Yoga Tree Studio Young
Sunday 26th July 10-12

The Little Space Sydney Bondi Junction
Tuesday 28th July 6-8pm

 Blissful Balance in Business 
 How to Create a Mindful Business and Home Environment

For better lifestyle balance - taking the time to consider how mindfulness, yoga and meditation can improve your home and work environments.

If you could describe your energy like a full tank of fuel, at what point in the day are you running on empty. Sometimes the morning rush can be enough to burn most of our fuel, leaving us frazzled all day and quite unproductive. 

I am in full support of busy, success, achievement, reaching for goals….but I know there is another way of managing our days. In fact ‘time’ will feel like it has slowed down, you will be a nicer person to be around and you will make some pretty wonderful memories from the simplest of days. 

This workshop should not be missed if you are involved in a very hectic business or home environment. The 2 hours will be a great investment in your future. 

You will learn:
How to appreciate the small details while managing the big ones!

The Little Space Bondi Junction
Tuesday 11th August

The Yoga Tree Studio Young
Sunday 16th August 10-12

The Quandialla Central School
Thurs 20th August 6-8pm

Meditation - An Introduction Course for beginners. 

This is a very special meditation course booked on a monthly basis over 6 months. A second series of lessons will be introduced for students who complete all 6 meditation workshops for beginners.  

‘The first month I will support you in establishing new sleeping patterns if needed.’ Explains Nel. This is an area I specialise in. 

This is a very special opportunity to learn meditation and shift from constant thoughts to clear, focused living. 

The workshop includes learning about the chakras, the koshas, the asanas that compliment calm living and the pranayama practices that create a deep level of calm. 

A good meditation is like a good sleep but you feel alert, steady and awake to the delicious detail all around us. 
There are literally hundreds of benefits…You are reshaping the brain, creating new patterns that will serve you very well in a variety of situations.

You will experience:

Better sleeping patterns.
Improved Health
A greater understanding of YOU!
Emotional transformation.
A lighter feeling thanks to the release of stress.

The Little Space Bondi Junction
Thursday 9th September 6-8pm

Quandialla Central School
Thursday 17th Sept. 6-8pm

The Yoga Tree Studio Young
Sunday 20th September 10-12

Blissfully Present Parenting 

For parents who would like to create a calmer home atmosphere for children before bed, to support better sleeping patterns for the family and a more mindful home environment during the day. 

This lovely workshop is designed to be a support for adults who want to parent in a calm clear way. 

You will learn:
New coping strategies.
How to keep your energy levels high.
How your breath can settle the situation.
How to release tension effectively.
How to get fit in 10 minute intervals!
How to create a mindful home environment.

The Little Space Bondi Junction
7th October 6-8pm

Quandialla Central School
15th October 6-8pm


Available Workshop Dates for private group bookings.

The Yoga Tree Studio Young
Dates available Sundays  

The Little Space Bondi Junction
Tuesday November 4th 
Group size 10-30 participants. 

I can travel to your business or school location if required. Please email for all bookings, enquiries and for further workshop dates at

One-on-one sessions via Skype can be arranged mid week.

For all one-on-one appointments please email at
All Skype appointments Tuesday/Wednesdays 9-5pm (Australian Time)
Private Bookings in Sydney and Young available Thursdays on a monthly basis.



Student Stress Management 

For students of all ages who would like a more balanced approach to their study routines.  Settle the nervous system, improve sleep. improve memory and concentration; calm emotions and create clear visualisations to support exciting goals. 

 Blissfully Present Children  

This is a fun hour workshop for children from ages 8-12 who would like to try yoga and learn about what it means to be in the present. We will also discuss how to get yourself to sleep at night and how to picture your day going well. 

Calm Cancer Care

These are very special private sessions that include Deep Relaxation and Stress Management Strategies for cancer patients and their carers. The comforting techniques can be helpful at the time of diagnosis and during treatment. The techniques help balance the nervous system, improving sleep and inspiring a calm approach to this very challenging situation.  

Pricing will vary depending on location and length of workshop - please email at

E-courses - COMING SOON 
E-COURSE - An inspired approach to managing a busy lifestyle. For a greater sense of happiness. Enjoying each day along the way (4 week course) 

E-COURSE  - BLISSFULLY PRESENT PARENTING For parenting - how to encourage children to live in the moment (4 week course)

E-COURSE  A mindful approach to managing your cancer treatment for comfort and for a greater sense of empowerment during a very challenging time. (4 week course)

Audio Downloads by Nel Hunter at Blissfully Present
AVAILABLE very soon
3 highly recommended downloads are available now to assist in the establishment of a daily mindful practice. 

Breathing Space - 5 mins (Learn how deep breathing can create calm under pressure)
This is Free when you sign up for Nel’s Monthly Mindful News. 

Blissful Morning Meditation - 10 mins. (Creating a day of mindfulness and great intention)

Blissful Relaxation for Sleep - 20 mins (Improve sleeping patterns by settling the nervous system, emotions and thoughts) 

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