Thursday, 18 July 2013

A free weekend...mmmm..what to do with this time?

Once again we were packing up for a polocrosse carnival. The plan was to pick up the girls from school and head to Wagga. It was raining heavily at home this morning and a cold winter wind was building up but we were soldiering on as this would be a NSW zone carnival and the girls were picked in a team they would love to play in. With my car full to the brim, and Howard preparing the horse float I called to double check if Wagga was getting as much rain as us. Well they must be as the carnival is now called off.

I pulled back into the driveway, grabbed tonight’s dinner out of the car and put the kettle on once inside. The girls will come home with my brother in law so I am sitting in the kitchen with thoughts of a whole weekend free. What am I going to do with this time?  Howard and I often joke about what we would do when a free weekend turned up. Would we watch movies and sit around the fire with hot drinks and well, do nothing? The truth is we are going to have the girl’s home and they are not quite as excited about sitting around as we are.

My suggestion to the girls is that they still camp this weekend; all the gear is ready any way! If it rains heavily they can set themselves up in the wool shed. I will probably end up doing all my yoga homework as my final exams and graduation is coming up soon.

We have to fill our time don’t we. It is so interesting when we have spare time and how odd it feels just to sit in the space, the nothingness.  When we are used to being busy, a sudden opportunity to take it easy can feel almost strange. I could do yoga more this weekend, read the great book a friend has lent me, have an afternoon nap...mmm..what lovely thoughts. The other option is to wash the windows of the house, they are terrible and well, do jobs around the home and farm, there are always things to do.  The bookwork is up to date so that is fine...

My intention to enjoy winter has worked well and true to my plan I will make sure some of the weekend is spent outdoors. I will take another winter walk, do some work in the garden and take a drive around the farm to see how the lambs are going.  I will just need my nice warm jacket, some gloves and my new winter attitude. This weekend could have a retreat feel if I plan it well.

mmmm…….how do I choose to spend this free time??? It might have to start with a cuppa...

And some tips from "Leo" the new kitten.


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