Monday, 4 November 2013

Enjoy some more #mindful photos from the farm and little things that often go unnoticed. They matter.

I have had the most wonderful day teaching three yoga and deep relaxation classes at Gusollio’s Day Spa in Young. There is nothing like yoga to bring you into the present moment so you can be with the breath and enjoy moving the body with great intention. It is so fun to practice with a group of good friends too.

We speak about the ways we can stay present and enjoy the detail all around us. My theme for the first class is finding ways to manage the busy months ahead without having the negative effects of stress take the fun out of everything. The postures we practice help us feel at peace and yet strong, capable and confident.

I return to the farm and pull up the car in the carport, the dust follows. The chicken are starting to lay so I take my bags into the house and plan to head outside again to collect the eggs. We are having pasta for dinner so that goes on the stove top and I make a cup of tea. Howard collects the eggs when he locks the chicken up. I am helping with homework by then and filling out a leave form for the boarding school.

After a day full of yoga it feels like my senses are wide awake. The fruit bowl looks delicious, the half eaten chocolate fudge is tempting. Howard is slumped in front of the television, Brooke is on the phone laughing, the dishwasher is rumbling away and the yellow roses on the white kitchen bench look delightful. It is home.

Enjoy some more photos from the farm. They are the little things that often go unnoticed. They all matter.

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