Monday, 4 August 2014

800 kms for the Harden Polocrosse weekend but well worth it. #hardenpolocrosse #australianpolocrosse

You probably wont believe me when I say that the day started at -5 degrees. The girls had insisted on camping overnight with their grandfather. ‘Its one of the best parts of Polocrosse Mum,’ they informed me, so the swags were rolled out in the back of the horse floats and the campfires were lit. The sun was kind to us by lunchtime though and it turned out to be a really fun weekend for everyone.

I can watch the girls charging down the sideline on horseback without feeling too nervous these days. They have beautiful horses that know the game and who seem to look after the girls too. It is interesting to notice the horses play to the level of their rider. They can look like a completely different horse when someone new takes them on.

Polocrosse is a fantastic sport to play and to watch. The horses can go from a full gallop to standing in the ‘line up’ at a moments notice. The riders learn how to calm the horse and then activate it again. They work together, following the ball, defending the opposition and preparing to catch, throw or bounce the ball with the long Polocrosse rackets. 

We have three generations playing in the Harden Polocrosse team, the girls’ grandfather, father, two uncles and cousins. (Howard didn’t play in Harden this weekend though. He looked pretty happy eating pies on the sideline instead and had the excuse that his horse wasn’t fit enough.)

 It was a wonderful opportunity to all get together with my parents, sister in laws and the younger cousins and our friends. The club is full of talented players who are willing to coach the younger ones and give them lots of encouragement, and some clear boundaries when they need it too. The kids are expected to help with the clean up and good manners are appreciated.

I know we are creating great memories but the girls benefit on so many levels. It is wonderful to see them so comfortable in an environment that expects a tidy clean uniform and a well groomed horse but just pull your hair back and let your boots get muddy, forget make-up and comparisons. Fitness is fun around here and we are a team.

I would say we did 800kms all together to ensure one of our boarding school girls could participate but when we arrived at the Polocrosse field the look on her face made it all worthwhile.

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