Monday, 22 September 2014

365 Hours of Stillness #meditation #mindfulness #stillness

365 Hours of Stillness.

drum roll.............I have just set a goal and it will help if I share it with you because…it may get lost in the school holidays when I put my goals to the side….not this one.

My new goal is….to experience 365 Hours Of Stillness…

So for each day over the next year I will be still, practicing a deep relaxation and meditation for an hour,

and I will share with you how this practice changes my life….I am very curious as to what happens when yoga and meditation has a dedication, motivation and clear intention behind it. Will I be in tune with the power that creates synchronicity, opportunity, present moment exquisite beauty and a sense of aliveness..the breath, love ?  I look forward to 365 days from now and how I feel….but happy to go one day at a time….curiously exploring the power of stillness. 

Week 1. day 1 22/9/14

I practice a deep relaxation for ½ hour and then sit in meditation for ½ hour. It feels so wonderful, so peaceful, like I have come home.

My definition of meditation

Meditation at its most subtle is when you close your eyes and suddenly your breath feels like a wave the surfer waits for, the sounds become what the musician is inspired by, the aromas what the chef spends a lifetime trying to re-create. I stop and close my eyes and feel alive….then the stillness arrives. For me this is meditation.

 Join me if you like.....even if you want to commit to 10 minutes of stillness a day....let everything settle..


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