Wednesday, 4 February 2015

What is Meditation? What does it look like? #mindfulphotos #meditation

Is Meditation ‘simply sitting quietly with our thoughts slowing down?’ Yes on some level it is, but the richness of this experience is what we have the power to develop.

As a Dru Meditation teacher, in my view a good meditation practice starts with daily mindfulness. At any time of the day or night we can take a moment to notice fully, what is happening.  After a while this habit develops into a state of being in wonder of the detail in each moment.

This delightful detail is ever present, no matter what circumstances we find ourselves in. The beauty turns up, as if to guide and support us in some way.
It is in the country and it is in the city, it is in abundance outdoors but indoors these magical moments can still be found. It is a flavor, an aroma, a texture, a breath, a colour or an image.

It is the sense of curiosity, wonder and gratitude that sets us up for a great meditation experience. In this state the stopping and sitting in meditation is not a nuisance for our busy schedule but an opportunity to delve deeper into the Now.

Once we start living mindfully and meditating regularly the true benefits can be noticed and enjoyed. The time it takes to meditate might be 30 minutes but then throughout the day we can feel happier, more productive and wiser in our decision-making. It is so clearing for the mind, getting all those hectic thoughts out of the way.

It is like my photo below of Bondi Beach, the people swimming in the pool are beside the wild ocean waves and yet unaffected by them. Meditation and mindfulness can have this effect on how we manage. We can create our own inner oasis of calm and steadiness. It helps pave a stronger direction and purpose.

So how do we step from living in the moment to meditation?

Say we have found 30 minutes free.

Firstly lie down and relax the body fully. Notice sounds, the breath, the body letting go and fully relaxing all over. This is a brief description but take 10 minutes at least to totally relax. Even listen to a deep relaxation recording if possible. (I might see if I can be clever and put a recording on youtube for you next week)

Practiced Deep Relaxation a few times a week until you can really sense an ability to settle your own nervous system and emotional state. Thoughts naturally settle when we are deeply relaxed. Like mindful living, deep relaxation is ideal preparation for a rewarding meditation practice. There are no short cuts with meditation. Take these steps first and then seek the guidance of a professional meditation teacher to learn the art of deep inner stillness. The most refreshing practice you could commit to, for yourself and those around you.

 Photo 3 -Outdoor mindfulness pre harvest
 Photo 4 -Nature offers the perfect example of the 'motion' and then 'stillness' balance.
Photo 5-  A still moon lit evening...
 Photo 6 - A deep red rose
Photo 7 - Our daughters at sunset.
 *Thankyou to all my Dru Meditation mentors who encourage us so much to live well, be kind and happy. 
I believe so clearly that meditation inspires peace, courage and hope. Throughout 2015 as I develop my own practice Id like to connect with others who would also like to try meditation. Just email me at and I will let you know as soon as my recordings and email newsletters are ready, as a supportive tool for you. 

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