Tuesday, 7 April 2015

What is your 'wonderful' ?

I am a women who has lived on a farm near Young in New South Wales for the past 23 years and I have been country based all my life. I wonder sometimes if this is why I have such a strong connection to nature and if others see the environment with the same intrigue that I do. Our four daughters absolutely love coming back to the farm  and in the holidays they don't really want to do anything else aside from ride horses, go out and help Howard on the farm and play with the new puppies. Personally my connection with nature has expanded these days and as long as I can see the sunrise and walk under some big old trees daily, I am happy.

This year I have raised the bar in what I expect of myself on many levels. Over the past few months I have increased my fitness, improved my yoga practice, watched my eating patterns and shifted  thoughts and emotions to a higher standard. Consequently my lifestyle is reflecting these choices. Anything seems possible and life feels free, open, abundant and stunningly beautiful. As I travel from our city and country bases, I feel excited to be exploring what happiness means to me and the family. I am making plans where to set up meditation clinics in both Sydney and Young, to begin teaching Dru yoga and meditation again.

When you feel fabulous you just want to share it but no one can get you fit, healthy or happy, you have to take responsibility for creating this for yourself. 

So I will ask you the questions I answered honestly for myself..

In what areas of your life are you limiting yourself?
Where are the boundaries and why are they there?
What if you imagined more was possible....What if you knew it was possible to awaken a truly healthy body and have all the discipline you needed to support high energy levels.

What if you stopped trying to fit the mould of what someone else thinks you should be and you started getting clear on your own unique lifestyle?

What are you willing to do to live the life of your dreams?

I didn't think it would be possible to be in Sydney so regularly but once I gave it a try, the opportunities for our farm business grew.  We are developing areas of direct marketing that are very exciting but I have stepped back from being as involved in the farm this year, to be able to dust of a few off my own goals. A life that includes the bush and the ocean feels wonderful to me.

So what is your 'wonderful'?

For more information about my Private Yoga and Meditation Coaching please keep in touch on www.meditationbynelhunter.com

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