Friday, 12 April 2013

106 new laying chickens arrive on the #farm. I think its a good idea ??

Just as I was about to write about our  106 lovely little chickens who arrived this week I discovered their health had dramatically deteriorated thanks to the water tank overflowing. I found them huddled together in the corner of the box, wet and cold. We had to move fast, finding a new dry place for them  in the sun, as the heater light wouldn't be enough to dry them all out. It was a beautiful sight to see these tiny creatures appreciating the sunshine. They opened their eyes and slowly fluffed up the new feathers until they looked happy again. We lost three but it could have been a lot worse if they were left unchecked for another 1/2 hour.

We are going to have to watch the chickens very closely over the next few weeks. I now realise how much work is involved, ensuring their temperature is just right each day and night. I start wondering whose idea this was and how I ended up with the main responsibility? As a mum you find yourself part of things you didn't sign up for but thats part of the job. If it makes your children happy and they are learning something valuable, then you just do it if you can. I know when we are collecting those farm fresh eggs it will be icing on the cake, perhaps literally.

On another topic...I would love to go to the Randwick races today and watch #Black Caviar race in Sydney but it is not possible. It would be incredible to witness this horse win for the 25th time, in 25 starts! I hope everyone has a fabulous day, I will settle for watching the race on the TV. What an incredible journey 'Black Caviars' owners have been on.

Well it is lunch time and school holidays so I will continue on...May your autumn be filled with many lovely days, not too many challenging surprises and a touch of bliss. Enjoy the sunshine half as much as the chicken do and you will feel fabulous.  


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