Sunday, 12 May 2013

#Ageing is wonderful and wrinkles are beautiful. Lets celebrate!!!

Your age is just right! Celebrate it!!
A group of incredibly inspiring women and I meet regularly for a yoga and deep relaxation class I teach in town.  In between classes they go off to chemotherapy, surgery or doctors appointments. When time allows they get on with day-to-day life with a whole new perspective. They don’t take anything for granted and have a way of seeing things that needs to be bottled.
Some of the women are further along the path and their hair is returning with a few extra lush curls. We are great friends and getting to know each other during this last 12 months has been precious for us all.  

We where talking about birthdays yesterday and what important milestones they are. Hearing that people hide their age and complain about their birthday seems so ridiculous. Ageing is wonderful! Wrinkles are beautiful lifetime expressions and for one particular lady in our group, turning 60 is a goal almost achieved! Our dear buddy doesn’t have to have chemo for 2 months and that means celebrating in style! Whoo hooo!!

When we are together it feels like they are the teachers and I am the student. The beautiful women talk about playing with the grandchildren in the autumn leaves like it’s a lotto win, and it is!! (and so much more). They speak of family and friends like they are kings and queens, oncology staff like they are angels and the detail in their gardens like blessings. When the sick feeling subsides and life can return to some sort of normality, something seems to have shifted big time. Every small detail is worthy of a celebration!

There are women in the group with young children too and staying in a mindful state while juggling careers and home life is challenging some days.  We have noticed that when we get together it recharges everyone and the friendship we offer each other fills the Yoga Tree Studio to the brim with love. The one thing I know is that we all need good friends. A good friend listens well, encourages us, doesn’t let us stay in a negative state for too long and would drop everything if needed. They are also great at making us laugh!!

The other thing we have all discovered is that regular deep relaxation techniques can make a huge difference in being able to cope during cancer treatment. Being able to focus on the breath, settle thoughts and emotions, while releasing tension is incredibly important. As one of the ladies explained, ‘It was empowering.’ Having the skills to respond to the stressful situation in new ways felt like there was finally something the women could be doing, rather than just having to put up with fear, anxiety, tension and worry.

My wish is that one day all cancer patients can experience the power of deep relaxation during treatment but that is only part of the wish. I would love everyone to experience the power of true friendship combined with an intention to celebrate everything that is beautiful about life.  Couldn’t we have some fun together!!

Next time you look in the mirror, smile and give thanks, you are beautiful just they way you are and your age is fabulous!!

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