Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Determined to get fit I face the cold head on, literally.

Since my last blog I have been to Sydney for the boarding school pick-up and to Orange to get the car serviced. My yoga practice really helps me to keep feeling healthy and relaxed during all the running around. I practice every single day and love it but on a 6 km walk through the hills on the farm today I found myself a little breathless when my mobile phone rang. So it must be time to increase my exercise routine and face winter head on, literally.

Pushing through the invisible barriers of our comfort zones takes determination and focus. As I tried to reach the top of a steep hill at a fast pace the muddy road seemed endless and part of me just wanted to turn around and say, ‘That’s enough for today.’ Once past the point of resistance I felt a rush of reward and I look forward to adding more and more km’s to my new walking routine. The winter months offer fabulous excuses to slow down and eat more but you just wind up spending half of summer trying to feel energetic again.

This morning was a cold and windy 9 degrees but after only 10 minutes of brisk walking my body was warm and the exercise felt invigorating. Note to self – Winter looks far worse from inside. As nice as the wood fire is, get out there and get moving! 

After a few hours of bookwork I went through a lovely yoga practice. It is almost time to pick up the girls from the bus now and get all those clothes off the line.

Howard is feeding the sheep and doing a few catch up jobs now that sowing is complete. Our wool is being sold this week in Sydney. I have added a couple of photos of the day we delivered the bales to the Goulburn wool storage shed. It was fun to join Howard in the truck and we stopped for lunch on the way home. It was great to do something different together.

Howard has started joining in the yoga practice again and is enjoying the ease it is bringing to the tension in his neck and shoulders after the long hours working in trucks and tractors during sowing. Polocrosse season has begun and the horses are being worked each afternoon. Howard will be playing, as well as one of our teenage girls. The next three weekends we will be at carnivals. There are boots, swags, bridles and rackets lined up at the back door as packing has begins. It is not really ‘my thing’ but everyone in the family should have a turn of doing what they love and feeling supported. I am happy to help in any way they need me.

The years with children in the home are precious and I can see its going really fast. I don’t want to miss a thing!

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