Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Life is like the winter fog sometimes, you may not be able to see the view but imagination can help!

Winter has arrived!! Fog, frost, rainy days, cold temperatures and more rain. The drive to town is very different without the wide open views. The trees are silhouettes, the road is wet, the rising sun is sleeping in!   
We don't like to be fussy but thats probably enough rain for now thanks...the grain is only just in the ground and we don't want it to wash away!  

Howard and I are about to do a yoga weekend together after many weeks of managing very different work loads. Although we haven't had a lot of time together, we have made some great plans for the year ahead and how I can support him more and get more involved as the business grows. It is always a juggle, especially during shearing, sowing or harvest when Howard's hours are long and the family demands continue.

I have been working on a blog topic very close to my heart, 'Being True to Yourself' but it is taking a while to put together. So I will keep you in suspense for now and share my thoughts early next week after the wonderful retreat experience. 

Life is like the fog sometimes, you can't alway see the view and have to rely on your imagination and self confidence to know where you are going! Every season has its beauty and its lessons....

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