Monday, 3 June 2013

Mindful photography makes great memories. Look what I discovered on the 5 hour drive through inland NSW.

Any sort of meditation or relaxation practice is clearly dangerous when we are driving but mindfulness is possible. Mindfulness is being in a alert state where you notice your surroundings.

When driving my main focus is on the road and the side of the road, as I check for kangaroos or when in town I look out  pedestrians (especially the ones texting) People say to me, 'I don't know how you live that far from town' but with some good music and an interest in the seasons changing, the drive is enjoyable. Sometimes I have the girls in the car with me but most of the time I am driving on my own. When something catches my eye I pull over to take a photograph but I cant do this all the time and often say to the girls, 'Oh that would have been a good shot.'

Winter is a particularly beautiful time to drive through the countryside. On frosty mornings the sun rises through the mist and everything sparkles. It is always a challenge trying to capture just how beautiful a scene is. A great shot can only be achieved if the light is falling where you need it to and the camera can capture the colours well. I am not a professional photographer but it is something I love to do.

I hope you enjoy some of the photos I took on the trip home from Coonabarabran. I stopped a number of times and even today I can remember the detail along the road well. Mindful photography really brings me into the moment. To understand what mindfulness is you can look at what the opposite is. An example of the opposite of mindfulness is driving along deep in thought about something that worries you, with no idea of the tension in your neck thanks to your tight hold you have on the steering wheel. There is a much nicer way to manage the time we spend sitting in a car. There is a way to make great memories but you have to be prepared to stop rushing, perhaps leaving a bit earlier so you can enjoy the ride!

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