Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Yoga on the lawn..but it is only 2 degrees!

I bravely stepped onto the lawn early this morning and found a sunny place to practice yoga. It didn’t really feel like 2 degrees under the wattle tree as its vibrant yellow flowers greeted the sun.  I could here a kookaburra calling as the dewy grass glistened and the green paddocks stretched with me. Little buds carefully sprout on the almond tree but I won’t be fooled, the warmth of Spring is some weeks away. Winter isn’t ready to pack itself up just yet.

There are little lambs everywhere now and they play together on the dam banks like children. The crops are growing beautifully and all the farms look lush and healthy. The chickens are growing and have discovered the straw mulch in our garden so they are making a bit if a mess. Although it is winter there is plenty of growth and movement.

Howard has been sorting the sheep and moving a mob onto a neighbors paddock Our stock will help eat down a crop that Jo feels is a bit too advanced. I have spent the morning doing bookwork and I’d love to go for a walk this afternoon when the girls get home. Once everything is checked and double-checked Howard and I can head to Sydney together for a school function tomorrow. I always joke that it is hard to get Howard to take a break from the farm, but once away he is away it is hard to get him back. We love seeing our eldest girls, meeting with great friends, enjoying good food and doing fun things when we go away. A little bit of play makes all the work worth it, I say!

The images attached were taken last week when Howard was driving and I was able to capture some photos of the cold foggy morning on our 40km trip to town. The wattle is blooming now so the splash of yellow is a welcomed treat. I have to admit, I am really enjoying winter this year! 

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