Monday, 5 August 2013

Be present, be grateful, be awake.

It is a magical morning as the sun appears briefly, before lifting into a soft grey cloud.  The pinks and orange colours spread across the whole sky and catch my eye as I have breakfast with the family. I walk out onto the front verandah and stand in the stillness and notice the green lawn and bare winter branches.  It is so lovely being able to see the full sunrise making its way from the distant horizon to the garden. Shadows and silhouettes fade away, revealing hints of spring.  

I think about how fun the weekend was. We went out for lunch with many boarding school families, watched the school netball game on Saturday morning and Howard took the girls to the Bribbaree Pony Club when we arrived home. A beautiful pot of orchids sits in the kitchen reminding me of the great day out we had in Sydney. Howard won them in the raffle and although he wasn’t too excited about the prize, I am reminded of how lovely it is to have flowers in the house.

I pottered about on Sunday while the girls rode their horses. The house needed some attention so I did all the washing, opened the windows, mopped, dusted and unpacked. When the house was organised I savoured the quiet and sat with my favourite yoga books for a while. I have two classes this week coming so it was a great chance to prepare for them. I served chicken soup to the hungry riders for dinner as we prepared for school the next day.

My yoga study and practice remains an important part of my day, together with a clear understanding of what the girls need and how I can help with the farm. This week we have a new client who would like some detailed information about what farming products and services we have available, so I will be putting that package together. I am also interested in learning more about our wool production. There are a few key businesses that support us in our sheep breeding program and wool quality. I would like to contact them and learn more.

The galahs’ call echoes today, a sound that usually precedes rain.  It is so still out there. I glance at the bark on the tall gum tree in the front yard and take a deep breath. It has been very busy lately. Two trips to Sydney in a fortnight and although it has been so fun, it is good to be home.

My intention for this week is to


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