Wednesday, 14 August 2013

This beautiful mix of winter and spring must not be missed, no matter what is on my to do list..

Spring is starting to tip toe into the garden and usually I celebrate by packing up many of our winter clothes and putting out some summer things. Today was so lovely and warm that Howard and I took our lunch out onto the back verandah and soaked up the glorious sunlight. Although I am photographing tiny new blossoms and new shoots along the rose bushes, I dare not mention Spring because winter has more to say just yet.

Each year when I least expect it, a final cold blast arrives unannounced but this year I am ready. Pretty little pink flowers bravely rise on these divine days and I enjoy every moment of it, but I will also be present with the changing weather and find what is beautiful throughout the month ahead, no matter what  dips and turns the temperature takes us on.

Howard is spreading fertilizer on the crops and is very happy with the wonderful rainfall this year. The whole district is green, the sheep are full and the farmers drive around in good spirits. We are cleaning and selling oats at the moment and carefully checking the little lambs.

I can hear the rain falling again on our tin roof tonight. It’s a sound I will never tire of. The girls settle for bed after reading for a while. Howard has his daily dose of television and I have enjoyed looking at yoga product websites as I research what I need to start a new yoga class in town soon.

I will sleep well tonight after a productive day. My routine was a mix of all the hats I wear. I painted a wall in preparation for new curtains arriving on Friday. I did some bookwork, a little washing  and prepared dinner. I helped with homework and savored a few opportunities to duck into the warm sun. This beautiful mix of winter and spring must not be missed, no matter what is on my to do list.


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