Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Bribbaree Show, One direction, Boarding School and Hay Making. What a week!!

#Champion Bloom of the Show!!

One Direction Concert
Breakfast at Bronte Beach

Mowing Hay 

You wouldn’t believe what I have been doing in the past week. The local Bribbaree Show was on during the final weekend of the school holidays so our 2 youngest girls entered a few events on their horses and Howard joined in the team penning. I walked around with our eldest daughter, passing some very well groomed dogs on our way to the equestrian area. The show ground was filling with families and local women were dropping off cakes and sandwich fillings at the canteen, while the children convinced their parents to let them go on some rides.

Howard entered a big red rose for me, that had opened in our garden a few days earlier and I am pleased to ‘announce’ that we won ‘Best Bloom of the Show’. What fun!! We had tea, sandwiches and cake for lunch, Howard skipping the fatty food this year. By late afternoon we gathered with everyone for a cool drink before heading home.

The next day we packed up and headed to the One Direction concert in Sydney. It was held right alongside the NRL grandfinal so 1000’s of people where walking around Homebush in celebration mode. We met some friends who were going to the concert too, found a place to sit outside and enjoy dinner before waking to the arena. One Direction entertained the crowd as the girls squealed and danced to the familiar songs.

We slept well and the next morning headed to Bronte Beach for some breakfast in the sunshine. After some last minute shopping at Bondi Junction it was time for boarding school drop off. This time we would leave 2 girls behind (Emma started boarding school this term) and the fun holiday came to a sudden end.

And then there was one…

I missed the girls today very much as I tidied the house and pottered about. With only one of our four daughters at home now, the house is very quiet. The phone starts ringing in the afternoon, their delightful voices sound really happy. They have stories of birthday party invitations, sporting sessions, concert tickets on offer, school subjects they like and homework due. A lovely email arrives from Emma and I read it out after dinner. We are all getting used to another change…This keeps happening as we raise these girls..Just when I get used to one stage they grow up a little more and I feel like a new parent... learning what to do all over again.

At home the hay is being made. The first stage is mowing the hay and Howard took me for a drive late this afternoon so I could take some photos for you. The oats will now lay out on th ground to dry for about 10 days and will then be raked and baled. There will be so much to show you during the next couple of months. This is our busiest time of the year on the farm.  

I thought you might be interested to know that although this all sounds very busy, I had clear intentions to enjoy each day and be present with the beautiful people I was spending my time with. Thanks to imagining the days flowing well before they began, things turns out well. I found parks, felt great, enjoyed the girls company and soaked up the great atmosphere at each event. I was telling the girls that I believe there is part of each of us that doesn’t get stressed and you just need to sense this steadiness to be quite unaffected by outside circumstances. I find that my energy levels stay great when connected with this deeply calm centre.  


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