Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Summer recipes and a holiday spirit. The fun begins!!

I woke last night at around 3am and as our bedroom window was open, a cool breeze was falling across the bed. I began breathing deeply and enjoying the sensation of a summer evening entering my lungs. Sleep returned as I listened to the hum of the machinery in the nearby paddock. The straw is being baled late into the night.

It’s a delight to have the girls home and I wake to breakfast all set out as today is my birthday! A cup of tea and a lovely gift is placed on the table and the phone starts ringing with birthday wishes. I check the computer and the Facebook messages also arrive. Birthdays are so fun.

Kaylie and I go for a drive and I take some photos of the fresh straw. Howard is doing some sheep work with Emma but arrives in time for morning tea. We enjoy toasted sandwiches and cake.

This month is all about fresh food, friends and family but the jobs keep rolling in on the farm and I can’t drop the ball with the bookwork. It will be great to have the grain sold and some money coming in again.

The girls join me when I practice yoga and we pick a spot in the sun before it gets too hot. I love their company and having these young ladies as my good friends. I join in their low carb health kick and feel much better for it. There is lots of extra activity around the home as the horses and trampoline get a workout and we make our way to town for haircuts and lunch plans.

I start to think about the year that is winding up, and the whole New Year ahead. I am 44 years old now and there is something about this age that feels good. Feeling a part of the farm has been wonderful this year. Integrating yoga and meditation into the very fibre of my routine has been so beneficial too. It took a while but perhaps I have worked out what it is to be true to myself.

 A Quick recipe for you!!

Summer smoothie - Banana, frozen berries, almond milk, ice, greek yoghurt. Blend well.
Mango is good in the smoothie too!

Three egg omelette - 1 full egg, 2 egg whites, some tomato, avocado, ham, onion
Mix well and fry in small saucepan
(Pre fry the onion and tomato if you like)


(I am going to try mini quiches with prosciutto, prawns and coriander - I will let you know how they go) 

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