Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Pulling together in our farming business seems to be working!!

This week I have had my farmer’s wife hat back on as Howard needed a hand to clean the oats before delivery Friday. It is an itchy job and the stormy heat didn’t help, but I didn’t complain. Howard could go ahead and feed the sheep, fix the wheel on the bin, load hay and pick up the chaff. Prior to being called to farming duty I was heading to Sydney to a ‘Blog to Book’ workshop with Kerri Sackville at the Sydney Writers Centre. You know what I would have preferred to be doing but in a strange way it felt like the content of the book was in motion. Me out there in the itchy dust instead of being in a lovely room full of writers. I guess that is what you call, 'walking the talk'. I was where I needed to be. 

I could see Howard was feeling under pressure with so much to do, so I thought it would be a good week to get out of the office and off the yoga mat and get my hands dirty. You are so exposed to the elements out there and as the storm was building I was having trouble keeping my eye on the job. The clouds, the thunder rumbling, the galahs swinging upside down from the telephone wire, the dogs barking. Its hard not to take photos the whole time. 

The decision to get more involved in the farm over the past couple of years certainly wasn't the glamorous option and for someone who loves to be with my friends, it is lonely on the farm at times. But working together with Howard means we are pulling together, bringing all of our skills to the table and enhancing what we are trying to achieve. And its working, the business is growing and things are starting to flow well for us. My role out here is not to be the boss. Howard is the most experienced in agriculture so he has to make most of the important decisions. My role is to ask; How can I help today? What can I do to get things organised or take the pressure off? 

In a round about way it is a form of yoga because we learn that the path to bliss is with selfless action. It is a lovely thing.... 

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