Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Who is looking after you? #mindfulliving

Who is looking after you?

Does anyone notice if you skip your breakfast, miss drinking water today or if you can’t find time to exercise? Are you flat out caring for everyone around you and cant remember the last time you dusted off your personal goals and felt a clear sense of direction? Well guess what, the best person to look out for you!

Have you noticed that the people out there achieving don’t let excuses get in their way, they find a way to make things happen and can work independently. They seem to have more time and more support. Its all right for them hey…they are not in our position?

Well March is almost over now and if we are not careful each month will slip into the next and we will be saying the year is flying by.  There is no better day than today to start working on a personal goal, even if it has to squeeze into the tiny cracks in your routine.

Some days I have to break my yoga practice into bite size pieces or its not going to happen. I can manage 10 minutes here and 10 minutes there but no one is coming up to me and saying, ‘Let me give you a hand so that your dreams can come true.’ I have to create the lifestyle I want and focus some light on the areas that I love.

 It all starts with self-care and busy people are not always great in this area. ‘We’ have to notice if we miss breakfast and do something about it. ‘We’ need to nourish our bodies with good food and fresh water, get out there and move our bodies, surround ourselves with motivating people, books, activities etc. and value ourselves enough to take some time out to do what we love.

I made the decision to support our farming business a while ago now and it really is the best place for me to offer my skills, together with caring for our four daughters. Even though they are away at Uni and boarding school and only one of our girl’s lives at home. They need Howard and I to support them with their learning, sport and personal goals and I love being there for them. Between the busy farm and the travelling, it would be easy to forget my fitness and my own dreams.

Every day I find the time to get a little fitter, a little healthier, to shift an old habit, to challenge myself and guess what I have noticed? Most of the time this determination to be healthy, optimistic and moving forward, by caring for myself as well as I care for those around me, has created a great inner strength and calm. I give from a full place these days and have lots of energy to fit so much in each week and enjoy it.

You can’t run on empty and you can’t give up on your dreams, its just not healthy.

Paint if you can paint, take photos, go out for coffee, dance, run, sing, rest, garden, laugh, write, draw, cook, create…and if it all sounds indulgent, so what…Who said life was supposed to be all work and no play? Find the balance and with that comes emotional stability, contentment and wisdom. Fill your own tank my friend because sometimes the best thing you can do for those around you is smile and be truly happy. Don't miss a thing!

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