Monday, 5 May 2014

What can the farm teach me about harmony? Shearing, rain, sowing and all the rest in between. #australianfarming

The doors of the wool shed are open and the place is buzzing as shearing begins. It’s a late start due to the rain and the wool is well and truly ready to come off. The sheep are directed into the hill on the first night as it is cold and the protection of the trees helps. It’s a shame to take off their jumpers now but we are influenced by the wool market and the sale times, as well as lambing in spring. Their protective cover will build back up before mid winter.

Howard spends a lot of his time moving mobs of sheep from the paddocks to the wool shed and back. We have around 4000 sheep to shear so if the weather clears it will take another week or so. Out on the farm the oat seed is planted but the plant isn’t up just yet. Next we will be sowing the wheat and barley.

Brooke arrives home from school, jumping off the bus and running to change into her horse riding clothes. She grabs the horse’s blanket and hitches a ride with Howards brother, to his stables with her cousin. I am heading to Orange tomorrow to have the car serviced and was hoping to bribe the girls into cleaning it for me, but it looks like my job now.

Its getting dark outside earlier than usual and I wonder if more rain is on its way. The chickens are still fluffing up the garden mulch late in the day and seem to be enjoying the moist soil almost as much as the farmers. We have tied up our sheep dog ‘Bella’ by the chicken gate and haven’t seen a fox since. The chickens wonder back to their protective little home as late in the day as possible and walk around the friendly dog to their perch.  

It’s a funny old farm with the cat and dog that sleep together on the front sofa and the horses who call over to snack on the chook scraps when I put them out. They are all living in harmony, which is how it should be really.

Imagine if we could all live in harmony with each other and be like these animals, barely noticing our differences. There must be a way of moving peacefully through our day free of the rushing and pressure, judgment and comparisons.

After just returning from a 4 day meditation retreat I can vouch for the fact that a lot can be achieved from stillness. The issues and problems don’t stop arising at times but stillness softens the reaction, from the quiet place inside, wisdom comes and from wisdom harmony can settle.

Tonight Brooke, Howard and I are planning to do yoga in front of the wood fire instead of the usual night in front of the TV. I would love to plan to do this a couple of times a week together, for if we are in harmony with ourselves and each other, we can create a lovely home environment that’s not all about hard work, money and the next big job. Life is to be savored and shared. Sometimes you can let nature and the animals be the teachers. 

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