Saturday, 26 July 2014

I finally feel at home within myself #athome #farmerswife #contentment #farmingbusiness #farmphotos

We now enter the pretty end of winter, as our mornings begin with a thick fog that doesn’t lift for hours, leaving every blade of grass tipped with dew and glistening in the sunshine by lunchtime. Howard takes me for a drive around the farm, so we check the ewes, which are lambing and cut some wood for the week ahead. I take some photos around the farm and garden, while Brooke saddles up her horse and prepares for next weeks Harden Polocrosse carnival. We will do a little work around the house this afternoon and more washing will hang inside by the fire, as it is the best place for drying. I am enjoying being at home again after my shock to the system of a freezing cold winter compared to the delightful Spanish Summer.

The farm is a carpet of green as the crops grow well and the rain keeps falling. The ground is muddy and the dams are full. It is the perfect start to the season for our region and the farmers are very pleased with things so far. I enjoy our drive around the farm; seeing the twin lambs, the white cockatoos, the wattle starting to flower and the crops coming up as far as the eye can see.  We meet Howards Dad for a cup of tea and a chat. He borrows our horse float, as he has a horse that needs to go to the vet. We unload the wood from the back of the ute and check Bellas’ cute little puppies.

With shearing and sowing complete this is the time when all the maintenance is done on the machinery, the sheds are tidied up and we keep a close eye on the ewes, in case they have any trouble lambing. I get the bookwork up to date and start researching a new area of our business. We hope to have a chance to finish the horse stables and build a loft on top, so we can have more visitors on the farm. Both Howard and I are hanging onto that holiday attitude, creating ways to keep up the fun and not get too serious about our routines just yet. We went out for dinner with friends last night, while Brooke went to a movie. We all had a fabulous time.

The bare branches of winter remind me of what it feels like to let go and trust. It takes courage to be true to ourselves and live in the way we feel suits us. The best thing I could have done was create this blog and really get involved in the business side of our farm. Howard and I are closer than ever and it feels like we are working as a team. I am his back up support when he has an idea that needs implementing and this has enables our business to grow into new areas. So the lifting fog and the early signs of spring, reflect the potential I see in my life and also in the lives of the people around me. We have to dare to be different and step into what feels right, even if no one else does it our way.  

This funny yogic farming life I live makes my heart sing, when the white cockatoos lift into the sky and my camera clicks away trying to capture their beauty. I think what has shifted for me is that I could be in the city, overseas or out here on the farm and the contentment and joy remains the same because finally I feel at home within myself. Contributing to the farm business has really helped with that but I don’t understand why. I would recommend it to any farmer’s wife who is struggling to connect to the farm, especially in this male dominated industry. Find a way to get involved, no one is going to care about the business success as much as you and your partner does, it is in integral part of your lifestyle and if you can find a way to align with each other, life gets whole lot more enjoyable.


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