Monday, 25 August 2014

There are 2000 ewes to check and up to 2000 lambs - I put my hand up and head out. #australianfarming #checkingsheep

The sharp wind is hitting my face but it’s delightful to be out on the bike checking the sheep. The sun is out and the canola is flowering, the crops are thick and a few early blossoms are popping out. There are 2000 ewes and around 2000 lambs to check this morning so I put my hand up for the job and head out on the four-wheel motorbike.  The sheep are spread over a 1400-acre area in three mobs, so I head North rugged up well with my coat and warm layers.

The little lambs follow close to the ewes when the sound of the bike draws near. I stay quite a distance away and can see that they are going along well. It looks fantastic out here and I pull up to take some photos. Howard is working on the new horse stables today, so the girls will be excited about that. When I give Howard a hand it frees up his time to do these extra things. It’s nice to get out on the farm and enjoy where we live.

Some old gates are hard to swing, twitched by wire but I manage. I ride through the mud puddles and remember what the girls love about the four-wheeler.  Michael, Howard’s brother, drives across the paddock to say hello. I think he was expecting the rider to be Howard but we have a chat before he continues on. The galahs fly low but the swooping magpies haven’t started their intimidating attacks yet. Spring hasn’t quite sprung at Bribbaree.

I have a sense of freedom and fun, bobbing along on the road towards home. Howards Dad calls in for lunch and has some great stories about his weekend playing Polocrosse. It’s a simple day on the farm and as the sun sets I feel grateful for all the parts of our life that are working well. Sometimes a ‘routine’ type of day is absolutely perfect….

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