Sunday, 14 September 2014

10 things I want my daughters to know #hayhouseworkshopahugesuccess

 Pam Grout and I at the HayHouse Writers Workshop #pamgrout #hayhousewritersworkshop

I have just spent a whole weekend at the inspiring Hay House Writers Workshop in Sydney. I met some of the most successful authors in the world, Pam Grout, Bronnie Ware, Martina Sheehan, Susan Pearse and the wonderful Jess Ainscough, with her hugely popular book, Make Peace with your Plate. It really was so inspiring, not only to hear all the inside tips on how to get our ideas published but to be surrounded by so many other people who love to write. Everyone I spoke with has an incredible story to tell and Hay House encouraged us all to express our unique voice.

So here is a taster for you, of my potential new book.

Things I want my daughters to know.

1/ Don’t miss the detail – When you live mindfully, everyday has a new surprise and you live in wonder of what a truly incredible journey we are all on. (I mean it, STOP and have a good look around…)

2/Notice the zone – Follow the signs that are all around us and discover where there is a lovely flow in your life.

3/Know Yourself – Know what agrees with your bodies health, know what you love to do and do what you are interested in as much as you can. Know how to get yourself to sleep, to motivate yourself and how to set and achieve the goals that make you shine. Get to know how to be a loving person and accept nothing less than high quality, respectful, glorious love from others.

4/ Be thick skinned and warm-hearted. Rise above any negativity and jealousy, bullying on any level or criticism. Get on with being the best version of you. And if you don’t know what that is yet, visualize your highest potential and move towards that.

5/Set a daily intention – this simple act of deciding at the start of the day how you want to be, is very powerful. Set a theme for the day such as, ‘Today I will be thoughtful or funny or peaceful or mindful, grateful, encouraging, focused or full of energy.” We have more power over the flow of our day than we realize.

My extra tips for the day…

Be emotionally strong - Know your emotions and watch your responses to the uncomfortable feelings e.g. choosing something different from everyone else can feel uncomfortable.  Saying “no” when everyone else is saying, “yes” to something you don’t really want to do, takes courage. The way I look at it – they have to hear a ‘No’ from you at some point, otherwise you become a slave to their agenda by continually giving them a ‘yes’ just so you can feel a part of the crowd.
In the long run people respect those strong enough to be unique individuals.

 Last tip for now…be prepared to do what it takes
It is common to hear, ‘Do what you love’, I say it all the time. The reality is that every job has good parts and not so good parts. If the rubbish doesn’t get taken out, the environment stinks! Take the good with the bad. (Note: This doesn’t apply to relationships. There should never be a bad side, just good, great and greater ways to love. Don’t settle for someone whose values and standards are ordinary. Find someone who is shining like you!!)

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