Friday, 23 January 2015

Capturing the beauty of stillness #mindfulliving #stillness #presentmoment

'It was a very warm night and I couldn’t sleep very well. I went outside and looked up at the stars and they were as bright and lovely as you could imagine. The evening was so still, so quiet, so beautiful and it happened. In that moment, the struggle to find the next big New Years Resolution dissolved. I felt so at peace within myself, and so in touch with the beauty of the present moment.

So that is what I offer for 2015 in this blog; to return to the bliss of the present moment, over and over again. To stop and notice, to be the witness, for that is where my passion lies.’ Nel

To capture the beauty of stillness both on the farm and during my travels, as a mother and as a woman who occasionally stands under the stars and is free to be a part of the delightful detail. 

5 Tips for Living Mindfully

1/ Start with 10 minutes a day – grab a notepad and right down everything you see in front of you. Try to notice things that you don’t normally focus on.

2/Notice your breath when you are next waiting in line. Don’t try to change the rhythm of the breath, just enjoy the sensation of the cool air entering your body and the warm air leaving.

3/Practice fully listening to the person in front of you – ask questions to prompt the person to continue talking. Be totally interested in their voice, their heart, and their presence.

4/Take a moment to notice all the different sounds around you - What can you hear in the distance? Actually don’t label the sound, just listen and then move to the next sound. Draw your attention to sounds that are closer to you.

5/Taste something fully – give the next mouth full your total attention; notice the texture, the flavor, get lost in the wonderful experience of eating

                                 Enjoy the detail - for it is the most precious thing we have. 

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