Thursday, 29 January 2015

Time for a 2015 physical and mental detox #detoxtime #greatstart

 A physical and mental detox #detox time

Motivation starts with a good detox but it needs to be both physical and mental.

Following a wonderful holiday period, the girl’s head back to school and Steph makes plans for full time work, having completed her uni course. We have a few days together in Sydney to settle the girls in and I get out my diary, ready for a new writing and bookwork schedule for 2015. 

Just before we leave the farm 10 puppies arrive early. They are gorgeous purebred border collies and the breeder, Angus Waddell calls in to pick them all up. We can keep one, as Bella is our dog, but will choose our puppy later.

When I get a moment to myself in Sydney I head off for a walk. After a month of eating very well and lots of extra coffee breaks and afternoons on the front verandah drinking wine with friends, my body feeling sluggish and heavy. I pick up the pace with determination and choose a street with a big staircase but it really has my heart racing. I walk back around to the apartment and take off my joggers, ‘That’s enough for today,’ I say to myself. ‘Its getting so windy.’ and that’s when I had to laugh.’windy’…honestly, is that the best excuse I can come up with?

What I did next was unusual for me. I put my joggers back on and headed back out for another hour of walking. My pace had attitude and effort, motivation had kicked in and it felt fantastic. Sometimes what we really need is a mental detox #Not taking in anything negative #Taking a break from complaining, excuses, comparisons and blocks. #Taking a break from negative self-talk. Negativity can be very subtle, just a quiet little excuse, but it can really hold us back.

As soon as I laughed at my own behavior and made the decision to get back into moving my body well for at least an hour day, the heaviness left and it felt like an instant physical detox. I naturally want to drink lots of water, stretch and get back into my yoga practice, breath well and return to early morning meditation.

When in this frame of mind my writing flows well. I spend the morning writing my book and then head out to Centennial Park in Sydney to take some photos. Photography is an excellent tool for enhancing mindfulness. You naturally focus on the falling light, the small details, and the interesting things going on all around.  

The park is literally oozing with motivation. Bike riders, joggers, people running around with their dogs, children playing under the trees and those walking like me. Being around others who are trying, really adds to our own sense of motivation.

It’s a great start to the year. I welcome the return to my routine again - even though it is quite a fluid one. 

 Australia Day was wet and rainy in Sydney but that didn't dampen the spirits of everyone who wanted to celebrate how wonderful it is to live in this beautiful country. The beach photo is at fun!

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