Saturday, 14 March 2015

There is nothing like the real thing! Country detail....

 Well hello,
I am back blogging today because I am on the farm and taking photos again of the wide-open spaces. After a few weeks in Sydney I notice the dry dusty change in the paddocks and the dreaded umbrella grass all through the crispy garden plants. But I also notice how still it is and how lovely those familiar sounds are; the birds, the ute coming home, the music, the quiet…

We take a bale of hay out to the sheep and the sun follows us closely. Out here in the country it is more sky than land. The blue goes on forever, the clouds hang low, the horizon is waiting for the pretty sunset and you cant help but feel a part of something big, something vast, something beautiful.

Autumn begins with days that are hot but not exhausting. We drop Brooke to a sleep over in Young with a good friend, buy the Saturday papers and a salad roll each and head home for an afternoon by the pool. The truth is it ended up and as sleep on the lounge, with Howards history channel in the background, and the story’s of the battlefields we had visited last year in France. (Flanders Field)

I think about ‘The Grounds’ in Sydney, as the kettle boils in the kitchen. It is one of the most wonderful cafes and restaurants I have ever been to. The stalls are full of country produce on old carts. The place smells of baking breads and coffee. The visitors wait for a table and enjoy the wonderful meals within the scene of farm animals and picket fencing, potted plants and old machinery. It is the image of country life, in the middle of the city.

But now that I am home, there is nothing like the real thing. After being away, the galahs’ pink feathers seem pinker, the gum trees seems taller and the internet seems slower!!! Sorry, that wasn’t so poetic but uploading these photos could take at least 2 hours instead of 10mn! Anyway….there is no rush here….

 'The Grounds' flowers and nuts, fresh berries and amazing food.

 All sky

 Feeding Sheep

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