Sunday, 19 April 2015

Dru Yoga with Mum, Garangula Polo, Bowral for dinner and Shearing again.

 As we prepare for another term of school I reflect on all the fun we have had this holidays. As you can see in the photos my mum is fitter and healthier than ever with plans to start more classes in Young at the Yoga Tree Studio. We practiced some yoga in a quiet part of Vaucluse House over Easter while the rest of the family wandered around the lovely old homestead.

 For anyone who doesn’t know my mum, Trish Slack-Smith, she is the kindest person I know who is a genuinely happy person. Mum always finds something to enjoy, she never complains and is really fun company. As a yoga teacher she is encouraging, inspiring and passionate about yoga and keeping fit and young. I love my mum and dad very much. They are a motivating couple and we love their company very much. (Dad is great fun at the races, we dressed up and went to Randwick Racecourse recently - another great day out)

During the holidays we went to Garangula Polo as Kaylie was working there over the weekend. It was a stunning day and it happened to be our 23rd Wedding Anniversary, so we sat and had breakfast by the clubhouse, watching the team of horses go by.

Later in the holidays we returned to the Briars in Bowral with Stephanie and Charles. It reminded us of our time in London together, having a red wine by the fire and later going to a dinner at Centennial Vineyards. Paul West spoke as the Australian River Cottage expert and his enthusiasm was contagious. He is passionate about farming, food, friendship and hard work. We loved sitting with all the other guests, enjoying a meal from his new recipe book and laughing at his silly antics.

Aside from this, we were shearing at home and that all flowed well again. Our direct feed supply business is growing well, so Howard is certainly very busy these days, with Brendon who we employ full time. The girls love getting involved, jumping in the truck when grain is ready for transportation or helping move the sheep on horseback.    

When the girls are all at home the meals are fabulous as they all get involved in the cooking. The garden is returning to its lush green state after some welcomed rain so it was really lovely to spend some relaxed time at home all together, in between jobs. After this latest rain goes through, the paddocks will be ready for the 2015 sowing.

I will be setting up my new Meditation Business this term, while continuing to assist Howard with the office workload, so that is exciting!  As soon as this is ready to launch I will post you all the details.

If you are interested I have just posted a blog on on the '10 ways to Be Present even when busy.' There is a link at the top of the homepage here on 

Enjoy taking in all the lovely moments of your own life and don't forget to plan some fun. Its great to work hard but there is so much to see and savour too, you just have to ensure your happiness is a priority and your loved ones are treated like they matter...because they obviously do!!!

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