Sunday, 7 June 2015

Coonabarabran Equestrian Event muddy again but i loved it!

Hello my friends, how are you going?

I have been busy having a lovely time setting up my new web site and Meditation Coaching business in Sydney with plans to offer mindfulness workshops both in the city and the country. (and audio downloads online - more info to come soon)

Sowing is all done on the farm. Howard is very pleased with the rain that arrived just after shearing. Ideal!

I see my life in chapters these days and all of a sudden this stage involves lots of extra time in Sydney. The idea of chapters is probably more to do with mothering than anything else. You have the 'baby chapter' and that can be a time of sleeplessness, wonderful conversations with cute little beings who don't like supermarkets, bedtime, bath time, new foods or any lack of entertainment. Suddenly when you don't really feel ready...they are all at school and you have homework, assembly, reading tasks and helping your child feel good with friendship groups, sporting achievements, school awards ceremonies and social gatherings. And then all of a sudden they are teenagers.

I would love a dollar for the amount of times someone asked me if I minded that I didn't have a son and if I was prepared for the teenage years with four daughters. The girls and I would gather in the car after someones silly comment (that perhaps the person assumed my daughters couldn't hear) and we'd laugh together. 'I can't wait for you all to be teenagers you beautiful girls, I'd say.' My own Mum had already taught me that every stage (chapter) is beautiful (Howard and I have always felt extremely blessed with daughters - someone thinks we are good at raising girls!)

Well Mum was right, every stage with these gorgeous girls has been a delight and as we soon shift from teenagers to the 20's, I cherish every moment. Don't get me wrong, I missed a lot because I was  career focused, marriage focused, money focused, farm focused.. but mostly my role as mother has been and will always be.. my most privileged role ever!

So these days I am very excited about sharing my love of meditation, yoga and mindfulness with HSC students, parents, children and to comfort and inspire cancer patients and their carers (what a priveledge) and there is a balance. I will always have one eye on the girls and if they need me, I will be right by their side because thats my job!

So I have taken the long way around to share with you how much I LOVED Coonabarabran this year. You may remember when I first mentioned going to this school horse riding event a couple of years ago. Well this year I loved the rain, the cold, the mud, the cleaning, the cooking, the running about. It was very odd for me to be having such a wonderful time in this camping environment but this year the happiness I could see in the children was directly effecting my own sense of excitement.

I felt completely in the moment and in wonder of the young talent surrounding us. Howard was with us and we felt like a team, supporting our 2 riders and our friends if need be. The camp fire at night was so lovely, the people we met, the talent; the tolerant, caring and talented horses, the horse gear..oh my goodness, the amount of horse gear!! It was a sight to see!

My message for you is to be in the moment as much as possible because this is where the happiness is. I could have told myself it was only 2 degrees, I could have complained about the amount of walking, I could have found washing white muddy jeans hard but no... I enjoyed every small job I was given.... because it helped.  

I want with all my heart for you to enjoy your muddy days too. If you are loved and are loving are a success my friend xx

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