Monday, 15 June 2015

We are one! No-one is less important.

There are many people who must feel like they are on the outside of  society and thats really not OK. Last night on Q & A I was impressed with Noel Pearson, Chairman of Cape York Partnership. Noel spoke of the aboriginal people being a minority and not having a voice. It must be very challenging to feel like that in todays Australian society.

A young man also stood up on Q & A and spoke about his experience as a child who arrived in Australia via boat. This boy was given a number as a name at the detention centre. This must have been one of the many challenges for him at the time. He must have felt very isolated from basic human needs.

The debate about Gay marriage in Australia is another situation where a minority are having to fight for their voice and equal rights. It must be very challenging at times to be Gay, even if you are the kindest, most giving and successful person around. You are perceived to be different and therefore so many people lay judgement unfairly but it is their loss!

Then this week I witnessed a homeless man sleeping on a cold park bench. He must feel so separated from society as we drive passed in our shiny cars and warm jackets.  

The truth is they are not separate. These people are as much a part of Australia as the next person. It is actually impossible for us all to be the same. As adults we need to question what we are teaching the children who watch us ignore people who are in need or feeling they don't have a voice.

How can we be more inclusive?

Perhaps one of the greatest issues we face due to our busy lifestyles is the lack of time we have for our fellow man. Our routines tick along like clockwork, our needs accumulate, our bucket list gets longer. There is time to 'say' we care but not much spare time to do anything about the problems we see.

Well I am going to see how I can make a difference this week in for an isolated group within our society that are being left behind. I have a roof over my head, people that love me, I have my health
and enough of everything! I was lucky enough to be born in Australia but this is not a privilege I am willing to take for granted any longer. Its time to give back, to give thanks and to show I care by making a difference.

Imagine of we all created positive change in our environments. (You could already be doing this, if so well done and thank you for setting an example to us all!)

If Australia's future is in the hands of the majority than the majority needs to care about those who feel left out. We are one! No one is less important.

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