Sunday, 6 March 2016

10 ways to love yourself fiercely and why this is so important.

From by Nel Hunter

I read a quote recently that has me thinking a lot about how important self love is and the impact it has on the people around us and how we treat each other.
‘Perhaps we should love ourselves so fiercely that when others see us they know exactly how it should be done’. Rudy Francisco’s words ring true to me like no other quote I have read before. I do a little research and discover Rudy was born and raised in San Diego, California and has a B.A in Psychology and a MA in Organizational Leadership. He is known for poetry that enlightens the mind and I am certainly feeling that.
So how do we love ourselves fiercely? The word 'fiercely' conjures more than a bit of self talk and a vision board. Self love that has passion and drive behind it, stands out and demands respect. So this is my attempt to think of 10 self loving habits .....No let me reword that.....THIS IS MY VISION FOR MY OWN LIFE.
10 Ways to Love Yourself fiercely
1/ Be prepared to stand alone - take the step to have everything about your lifestyle, be a clear reflection of your inner passion and purpose.
2/ Nourish your body with only high quality fresh food - eat to energise and enhance the health of every cell in your body.
3/ Work on a strong mindset by feeding the brain with stimuli that inspires, awakens and educates you in the field you are passionate about specialising in.
4/ Get creative - explore 'self expression' in fun and innovative ways. Play with a variety of artistic genres until you find the right fit.  How exciting it is to put your own voice into a form that is visible, palatable, original.
(Watch your own habits of communication, even a small change in the tone of our voice attracts others. Find clear ways to speak and express your inner knowings in interesting new ways. )
5/ Get excited about life - what is it going to take to love your life? You can only ever try to be the best version of YOU and if you have decided you don't like yourself or your life then its time for a brand new attitude. Lots of things in life change how we feel about ourselves, and our lifestyle can be very influenced by other peoples choices and not our own.   It's time to take the reins and start creating a life you can be excited about.
6/ Play with your imagination  - rather than picturing the worst case scenario, focusing on problems and accepting you are stuck in a life that you are not passionate about, picture your dream life. Resist picturing the dream house, car, bank balance and knight in shining armour and imagine you are doing exactly what you want to do to, to be living with purpose, passion and freedom.
7/ Smile, stretch, walk, swim, laugh - take yourself on adventures, spend time with the people who you admire. Research and make plans to visit the places you are interested in.  Give yourself permission to be constantly interested in the world you live in.
8/ Challenge yourself regularly - Step out of your square as often as possible for this is where you grow. Try something new, do something that makes you a bit nervous, learn a new skill, sport or hobby.
9/ Be great at waking up to the present moment - As you do one thing you do all things, so do 'now' well. Make sure every step you take looks and feels confident and self assured. Step into this moment with an upright posture and a sharp awareness of your body and what you can see, hear, smell, taste and feel. Fill your heart with gratitude, wonder and appreciation.
10/ Be kind - Nothing says 'I love myself' better than a person who is  offering acts of kindness from a place of high self worth. It says, 'I care for myself so that I can inspire you to care for yourself', rather than, 'You need me.' A person who is connected to their highest self offers  empowering love. ' The highest in me greets the highest in you.' 
We can spend our life waiting for self confidence or for others to come along and make us feel important or we can dust ourselves off and do what it takes to enjoy our own company and take full responsibility for making each day count.
If I return to Rudy Francisco's wise words.  ‘Perhaps we should love ourselves so fiercely that when others see us they know exactly how it should be done’, I can see in my own life where I can step up and value myself more. It takes courage to play big and be counted. Sitting on the fence is just keeping our true self tucked away.
What new habits would you like to add to your daily routine so that your love for yourself stands out load and clear, inspiring healthy vibrant relationships in your life? Most people will only treat you as well as you treating yourself, just remember that.  Enjoy being the best version of you....thats your job!

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