Friday, 11 January 2013

Bula from Fiji - Our Best Holiday ever!

Bula from Fiji - This seems like the best place to start my blog because this is a very sentimental holiday for my husband and I. We have returned to Fiji for only the second time. During our first visit Howard very nervously asked me to marry him, admitting later he was worried about how he would be able to provide for a family and be a good husband. Well it has all turned out well...we return to Fiji 21 years later with four gorgeous daughters and we are still buddies. We are all having a magic time..the weather has been perfect, the Fijian people are so friendly, the Sheraton Resort is a dream and more than anything - the six of us are together again.

In Fiji everyone walks slowly, smiles at each other, afternoon naps are standard and you feel like you have stepped into a postcard. There are a few obvious signs that a hurricane hit just a few weeks ago but overall the massive clean up effort has returned this place to paradise.

We head home tomorrow, so this week my online diary of our farming life officially begins. We hear a heat wave has hit country NSW, is going to be hard to take, after snorkelling in clear blue water, para sailing, dining out and lazing around the pool drinking cocktails.

Howard is sounding pleased I am going to be more involved in the farm this year. I know that blogging is going to make it more fun and practicing lots of out door yoga will be great too. I want to take lots of photos and share with you all the different elements that go into running a sheep and wheat farm. After living on the farm for the past 20 years I do know that this is an extremely challenging industry and only the tough survive.

Do I have it in me to work as a farmer? Lets see...perhaps a yogi farmer??

(After working in the well-being industry for 25 yrs, dedicating a whole year to farming  and getting my hands dirty is going to be interesting!)          

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