Saturday, 2 February 2013

For the seed to sprout, the soil must be soft. This blog post is about me not the farm!

It actually takes courage sometimes to be great and feel great. It takes courage to let the heaviness go and be the best you can be. Imagine we are like a seed in the ground, waiting to grow. Our 'soil' can be similar to our beliefs, attitudes, emotions and words. To create a soft environment for the 'seed' to grow we may need new perspectives, so peace can arise within the stress and the seed can push through.

Sometimes anything from feeling extremely busy to facing true life difficulties can really hold us back if we are holding tight to the belief, 'This is hard.' During my Dru Meditation teacher training course I began to understand we have options. Strong feelings are prana or energy. One technique is to gather that prana and imagine holding it in the palm of your hands. Now send this transformed energy to someone in need. If you are not into yoga or meditation, you can soften your soil with a walk outside, letting yourself have a 15 minute relax, breathing deeply and asking yourself, 'Is there an easier way?'

I know myself, I make life more difficult than it needs to be sometimes. I am ready to see what happens when this seed goes to the next level and rises above the limitations of the mind and reaches skywards.

Isn't nature stunning. It is so powerful and yet has a softness to it too. Its like when men and women work together well. When both the masculine and feminine energies align, rather than clash, incredible things can happen. I am learning that as a woman my contribution can be equally as powerful with softness, peace and love mixed in with determination and commitment to our goals.

If you would like to hear about our kosha's and how they hold the key to feeling free and unlimited, let me know.


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