Sunday, 24 February 2013

It is time to bale the straw but a storm is close!

Late last week Howard gathered a few extra men around to cart in the straw bales before the rain arrived. Together with tractors and trucks the race was on to beat the storm and bring all the bales from the paddocks to home. Then the golden wall of straw needed covering with a large tarp, while other bales squeezed into the hay shed.

It is a sight to see the remaining part of the wheat crop windrowed (cut into rows) and baled over a few late evenings. Other years we have mulched this into the ground or earlier practices were to burn the stubble. These days creating wonderful bales of straw is a great option.

Once again I was taking photos and especially love the late evening shot when Howard was still out at 9pm stacking with his tractor. I tipped the camera up to incorporate the moon. What is gorgeous about this shot is how it shows the vastness of the sky.

 On a farm the nights are all about the stars the moon and the sounds of owls crickets and the wind whispering through the gums but it is difficult to photograph. Dad told me once about how he would lay out on the lawn with his father and just look at the stars. I can just picture them enjoying a break from Coonambles' intense summer heat and having a quiet chat. A camera will never really be able to capture the whole experience of an Australian country sky, well not my camera anyway!

So enjoy these photos and note the air-conditioning in the old truck! How things have changed...


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