Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Let me take you on the Mindful Walk I enjoyed this morning...

Today started with a gorgeous walk and an intention to take in as much detail as I could. There are white cockatoos in the garden at the moment and they love the pine trees but it was the change in the air that caught my attention. The green grass was damp and the crepe mertle in the back yard was dropping heavy drops of  sparkling dew. As much as I love summer, Autumn is softer, fresher, you can relax a little. So this brings me to a topic I mentioned in the last blog, Relaxation and Living Mindfully.   

Rather than try to explain what this is and what all the benefits are....let me take you on my 
Mindful Walk.

The photos will help me explain what happens when my body and mind are relaxed..everything looks and feels so good.

As I step out and head towards the dam the heat has already arrived. The cooler change that greeted me on sunrise as I was hanging the clothes on the line, has melted away but I don't mind. I am aware of my breath, and count the in breath and out breath as I walk. The rhythm aligns with the pace of each step. 

The country side sounds lovely as the birds enjoy the day. The sky is a clear blue. I notice small green shoots of grass appearing thanks to last weeks rain. There are lots of little ants nests along the road and fallen gums leaves, feathers, bark and rocks. There are markings in the now dry mud, animal 
foot prints, tyre tracks, sheep trails; All signs of the movement going on all the time out here.

Basil the dog has found me now that I arrive at the dam. He loves it here but the duck head for the sky, they are not happy with visitors today!

I notice the texture and patterns of the tree trunks and the contrasting dust underfoot. Aromas of straw and gums leaves surround me and I have to keep reminding myself to walk on...'You are supposed to be exercising' I think to myself, but there is so much to photograph out here today!


May your days be filled with beauty too!       


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