Monday, 2 September 2013

It is fun to play tourist in your own home town...especially in early spring!

I am sitting at a local park called the Chinese Tribute Gardens, just out of Young. It just seems appropriate to be writing outside on this amazing 22 degree day. The town of Young is 40km from my home and is particularly pretty at this time of the year. Many of the trees are in blossom and the surrounding canola paddocks are in flower. Everyone wants to be outside.

There is a little boy talking to a tall black swan and his grandparents are nearby eating their lunch. Birds fly low to the water and the wattle trees line the dam bank. The deciduous trees are starting to sprout and the garden is full of flowers. A dad walks past with his daughter on his hip. They are going to feed the ducks. A loving couple, are reading the history of this area at the entrance of the park.

 I am ‘sitting in spring’ and I am so pleased I chose to be here instead of working inside. The girls wanted something dropped to school early and now I have to wait until 3 pm to pick them up. It’s not worth driving back home again so the jobs on the farm will have to wait.

We have new stables going up this week at home for the horses, so we are all excited about that. On the weekend we went to the Weddin mountain for fathers day. The Bribbaree Pony Club organized a trail ride for the local families and it was a great day out. I was amazed with the mountain and how lovely it looks with its lush green ground cover after this seasons abundant rainfall. It is easy to take these places for granted when they are at your back door and feel you have to take a big trip to be a tourist. We will definitely be back there again soon.

Well….. spring has sprung and I know all the other sun lovers out there are smiling with me. The deliciously warm sun has arrived and all the beauty that comes with a stunning season.

(A dear man just walk past me and said, ‘Hard day at the office,’ I replied  ,’I just couldn’t be inside today!)

I will take some photos for you…..

Photos 1, 2 & 3 / Thanks Pete from Ballinaclash, for showing me around your fruit orchard - the blossoms are so beautiful. 

I have had the most wonderful day playing tourist in my local town, Young...

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