Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Can we really make New Year Resolutions come true?

First Sunrise photos for 2014!!

Turning good intentions into New Year Commitments.

The alarm goes off at 5.20am and I stumble into some walking clothes, grab my camera and head out to see the first sunrise of the year. The paddocks are in darkness as the first light appears in the distance. The sky dominates the landscape and the slow rising sun turns the wisps of cloud from red to burnt orange. The morning is quiet.

I think about New Years Resolutions. They are an opportunity to highlight an area of our life we would like to improve or a chance to be really clear on what we would like to manifest in 2014. I don’t set a resolution lightly. It is a commitment not, a ‘should, a could, a what if or a maybe.’  A New Years Resolution is a ‘Yes I can, yes I will.

We could probably put every New years resolution into one and say, ‘I commit to making great choices, building on my self discipline and establishing a confident sense of self worth. I take responsibility for taking my dreams and turning them into reality by having the discipline to see it, believe it and make it happen. I know that my New Years Resolutions are not to be put on the shelf, under the mat, on the bottom of the to do list or behind the excuses. Our New Years Resolutions are hope, potential, freedom, kindness, satisfaction and joy. ‘

Many Resolutions will depend on a vision, a plan, a habit breaking and a commitment. You can say, ‘I’d like to loose weight,’ but if you cant see it, don’t believe it, are not prepared for it and are likely to cave on the first emotional day, then your kidding yourself.

Personally I’d like to meditate more regularly. With Dru yoga and meditation I can see that I will only be a great teacher if my practice is great. Having the ability to create potent stillness at some point each day becomes incredible tool for health on every level. I want it in my life every day and to show others how valuable it is but I need to believe I can take my practice to the next level and have a concrete plan to make this happen.

Can you imagine your life without excuses, complaints, limitations and the habits that hold us back? They are the heavy backpack we carry around. They make life seem hard and heavy. New Years resolutions lighten the load by adding hope but the new responsibility is self-control. Habits stick like glue but  they can be changed. The reward of busting through them will make 2014 life changing! 
 Sunset 2013...

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