Friday, 31 January 2014

An unforgettable day in #Sydney. Sometimes life feels like its all traffic and other days its just fun!

The city of Sydney is so different from our country life but I love it. I feel like an explorer up here with my daughters who are growing up and taking me to all the cool restaurants and secret swimming spots. It is suggested that I am in the car park by 7.30am so we can drive to Watsons Bay and walk along the South Head Heritage Trail. It is the start of a spectacular day.

This is one of the most beautiful walks I have ever experienced. The 1870’s cobblestone pathway leads us to little beaches; grand harbour views, historical buildings and the red and white lighthouse that stands tall like a gentle giant with a story novels are made of. If I read correctly, there was one lonely survivor of the ship wreck named ‘Dunbar’. This man went on to live in the cottage built in 1858 and worked in the lighthouse protecting lives. (For more information your going to have to enjoy the walk for yourself or take a look at the online photos and information such as the web site

The day is divine and it’s so lovely to be spending time with Steph. We find a place to have breakfast and watch the people walking by, as we drink our fresh juice and ‘ooh and ahh’ over amazing omelettes and great coffee.

Next we visit the Red Leaf Pool in Double Bay. This place is a dream for someone like me. The old Woollahra library sits in a quiet old garden. Its pathway and the steps lead you to the seaside. If you want shade or sand, an ice cream or a book, if you want quiet or conversation, views of the harbour bridge or little boats bobbing nearby, this hideaway has it all.

Next we drive to Bondi Beach and I show Steph the Aquabumps gallery. We browsed through the dress shops for a while until we run out of steam and retire to our room for fruit salad and yoghurt.  It is a really special day.

Yes Sydney has traffic and we are not used to it. Yes the people are all in a terrible rush and I hope they get where they are rushing to, on time. Yes it is extremely different from the country life but when you research all that Sydney has to offer you can step outside of your comfort zone and plan a truly inspiring day.

Tomorrow I am watching the girls playing two touch football games and will then be packing my bags for the trip home. There is one thing I did learn about today, that will draw me back to Sydney very soon. Stephanie spoke of a man who is a teacher and she was very impressed by his practice of meditating every day for 2 hours each morning from 4 am. These are the people I want to meet this year. How is he staying so committed to this? Why is he practicing meditation so regularly? How is he benefiting? Would he be willing to speak with me? Time will tell…

(Hello to my lovely friend who sent me a photo this morning of her grandchild starting school yesterday. What a big day for the kindy kids and the families who are getting used to their little buddies in school uniforms, away all day. Thankyou for the photo and I am really glad you are enjoying the blog. You inspire me more!) 

Sometimes life feels like its all traffic and other times the beauty wraps you up and fills you with joy!!

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