Thursday, 10 July 2014

London, Paris, Spain and back to Bribbaree. So many travel stories to share #ascotraces #travelstories

I look at the photos one by one. Images of London, Paris and Spain pop up on the computer screen together with all their good memories. They attempt to capture the taste of the fresh croissants on offer in the patisseries of France, the grandeur of Westminster Abby or how it felt to sit by the 900 year old olive tree in Spain. It certainly was an incredible holiday.

Some days I had to pinch myself, before my eyes were things I had heard so much about, now right in front of Howard and I. The enormous Eiffel tower in Paris, the wonderful Ascot races in London, the World War 1 battlefields of France, the fascinating island of Majorca, Spain. They all swirl around as one great feeling that has inspired such a curiosity in me about history, architecture, language, human nature and all the natural wonders. It is a big beautiful world out there and I want to get to know it better.

Howard and I indulged in romantic dinners together, walks that lasted all day long, tours on the big red buses and evenings in old pubs with the locals watching the World Cup. How quickly we let the farm fall into the background as the business phones where left behind and we soaked up this opportunity to enjoy other things. I missed the girls very much but knew they were old enough to manage with the help of our families and friends. We kept them up to date with Skype calls and instagram photos and they sounded great. We met with Stephanie our eldest daughter and her friend Charles, as Howard attempted to drive on the opposite side of the road along the incredible Majorcan coast. We had so much fun. 

We have returned to a lovely green farm. The temperature is below 5 degrees and that feels sharp after the swimming in Spain but the wood fires compensate well. With the echo’s of the French and Spanish conversations.. that went on during our morning coffee fresh in my mind, I return to the bookwork and housework.

As I wait for the family to awake the kettle goes back on. Their sleepy faces will always be the most wonderful site I could see in the whole wide world….. 


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