Wednesday, 5 November 2014

What if we lived like the sky really was the limit? #skyphotos #goals #dreams #purpose

Howard and I ducked off to Canberra last weekend for one of the most motivating weekends I have ever attended. It was a Dru Yoga event called ‘Ignite Your Dreams’. (There is a second running of the event in Adelaide soon.) The weekend literally did ignite my dreams. The guest speakers and workshops were absolutely fantastic but I was really ready for the information. I have been taking some clear action on my goals, especially the ones that just keep quietly niggling away at me, such as getting information out there for Cancer patient care. Coby Langford and Dr Mansukh Patel explained that it is likely that our dreams align with our true purpose. It is starting to feel like that for me now.

Howard was wonderful coming along with the intention to get a greater understanding of yoga and meditation. It felt great to share the environment that I enjoy so much with him and be able to introduce Howard to some of my good friends. We have started every morning since the weekend, with a sunrise walk together across the farm, while enjoying a conversation about all the things we have to be grateful for. It is an ideal start to the day. I hope we can keep it up, even a little during harvest.

The crops are almost ready for stripping. The oats will be first to harvest, followed by the barley, mustard and wheat. It looks like being an early harvest again this year, which I love, but our daughters who are away at boarding school are keen to get involved. Perhaps there will be a little left to do by early December when the school term finishes?
Our eldest daughter Stephanie completed her third year of architecture today, such a wonderful achievement for her. She will be helping us during harvest with her good buddy Charles, so we will love that!

I think you will enjoy the text I sent the girls this morning - 

‘Make great choices today so that every step you make, moves you towards your dreams. Its in the way you walk, what you choose to talk about, what beauty you can see around you, its in the thoughts you allow in. This is what nourishes your purpose.’ This is the message I heard load and clear from the Dru Yoga weekend in Canberra. We need to look up and imagine a wonderful day, a wonderful month, a wonderful year. If we get caught up in the things that disempower us and keep us stuck, then we may as well be on a treadmill. Lets take charge of our choices and be clear in our direction.

The secret is in following those silly little goals that just wont leave us alone…they hold the key to why we are here…in some way they are going to help someone, in a big way….The sky really is the limit..if we let it be so xxx

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